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Archives of Surgery and Surgical Case Reports is a peer-reviewed worldwide open access journal that focuses on minimally invasive surgical techniques and surgical case reports, new equipment like laparoscopes and endoscopes, and new technology.

It is a scientific surgery journal that publishes articles on general surgery research subjects, current surgical challenges, surgical reviews, surgery research papers, surgery case reports, and other surgical topics.

Surgery, as a clinical specialty, has a long history of research and attracts the sharpest young brains. To date, surgical innovation has been outstanding, but it has received mixed reviews. As a result, this journal is a breath of fresh air, bringing together various articles on new techniques and innovations under one roof in order to better understand surgical innovation, discover, translate, and commercialize advances to address major clinical problems, and consistently and rationally support the future of our profession.

The journal's goal is to provide a venue for general surgeons and surgery specialists and surgical case reports to share new findings and crucial operating approaches used to treat instances involving surgical conditions ranging from children to geriatrics with a healing philosophy. Research papers, review articles, short communications, case reports, mini-reviews, and letters to the editor are accepted towards our Journal.