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Journals of Pediatrics and Neonatal Psychology is an open access peer reviewed journal. Right output comes only when the right combinations work together. Everything under one roof about Pediatrics and Neonatal Psychology. This is a universal access journal which enriches the authors articles and findings, which empowers the parents/learners/viewer’s knowledge and fuels the future generations with the transparent draft, craft and artwork in the area.

We encourage authors to explore every possible dimension all the articles, flowcharts, presentations, and posters abiding to the rules and regulations.

Cases having a high instructional value and a thorough discussion will be considered for publishing as well. Original Papers, Review Articles, Short Communications, Case Reports, Clinical Pictures, Research Articles, Clinical Reports, Literature Articles, Case Studies, Mini Reviews, and Letters to the Editor are all acceptable article forms.

As every born human being goes across the fetal, prenatal, neonatal and pediatric stage cycles in the life and again restarts the same cycle for next generation, this area has got huge audience to watch out our journal which makes us more responsible towards our journal publishing’s and on the other-side gives a wonderful opportunity to reach substantial.